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June 28, 2004


JWA 002-001

Photos here taken in front of The Sock Man Socks & Shoes Studios in Suffolk.  Photo shoot was not planned so while they are not perfect, we can see James has quite of bit of potential for modeling.  Standing by car with his mother looking on, James is wearing a Black Double Breasted Suit, White T-Shirt, Black Pierre Cardin Pointed Toe Oxfords, and TNTBLK-A socks from The Sock Man Socks & Shoes

Below inside The Sock Man Socks & Shoes, James take s few photo shots in the same ensemble.

JWA 002-002


JWA 002-003


JWA 002-004


JWA 002-005  


JWA 002-006


JWA 002-007


JWA 002-008


JWA 002-009


JWA 002-010


JWA 002-011



Here in the following photos, we see James in a Retro Black Pinstriped Suit -- featuring Flared Legged Pants & Double Vented Coat, White T-Shirt, Black Tony Lama Western Boots, and TNTBLK-A Socks from The Sock Man Socks & Shoes.

JWA 002-012


Below James is wearing a pair of Spiked Pointed Toe Westen Boots.  You can have Spikes like these placed on your boots as well.  For more information on these, and other shoe and boot designer features visit The Sock Man Socks & Shoes Custom Designer Shoes & Boots


JWA 002-013


JWA 002-014


To Order Autographed 8 1/2 X 11" Photo Prints of James Watson from above, simply send email stating the photo number (under the photo) to the email address below.  Photos are $10.00 + $2.00 Shipping & Handling, $3.00 International Shipping & Handling.

Contact Info, send email to:   GenMailBox01@aol.com, >> Attn:  James Watson.

For modeling related info, send email to GenMailBox01@aol.com >> Attn:  Sock Man Models.

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