James Watson Studio Dressed Photos 09/26/04

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September 26, 2004


JWA 004-001

JWA 004-001A

James Watson is back this time with more interesting photos.  The following photos were taken outside near The Sock Man Socks & Shoes Studios.  They feature James wearing a Khaki suit and black pants and white shirt.  As you will see James, now age 16 really makes a great model and The Sock Man Socks & Shoes is glad to have him.

James is a Junior in high school so your support by way of purchasing of photos will be greatly appreciated.  This will help James to set aside funds for his college education.  He is an honor student at Lakeland High School.  

JWA 004-002


JWA 004-002A

Here James is sporting a khaki double breasted suit, white shirt, tie, brown Stacy Adams (monk style) slip-on shoes and TNTBRO-O socks from The Sock Man Socks & Shoes.


JWA 004-003


JWA 004-004



JWA 004-005


JWA 004-006

JWA 004-007


JWA 004-007A


JWA 004-008



JWA 004-009                                      JWA 004-010


JWA 004-010A

JWA 004-010B

Below, a closer look at the brown Stacy Adams shoes and brown TNTBRO-O Socks.

JWA 004-010C


JWA 004-011


JWA 004-012


JWA 004-013


JWA 004-014



Now you will see James sporting black wide legged pants, white shirt, black tie, TNT socks, and black Fratelli Square Toe Oxford Shoes

JWA 004-015


JWA 004-016


JWA 004-017


JWA 004-017A


JWA 004-018


JWA 004-019


JWA 004-020


JWA 004-021


James breaks it down and shows off a little muscle in the infamous wite"Wifebeater" shirt, black slacks and TNT socks.

JWA 004-022


JWA 004-023


JWA 004-024


JWA 004-025


JWA 004-026


JWA 004-027


JWA 004-028


JWA 004-029


JWA 004-030


To Order Autographed 8 1/2 X 11" Photo Prints of James Watson from above, simply send email stating the photo number (under the photo) to the email address below.  Photos are $10.00 + $2.00 Shipping & Handling, $3.00 International Shipping & Handling.

Contact Info, send email to:   GenMailBox01@aol.com, >> Attn:  James Watson.

For modeling related info, send email to GenMailBox01@aol.com >> Attn:  Sock Man Models.

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