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October 19, 2004


JWA 001-001

Photos here taken at church event, James here modeling Black Slacks, Light Blue Shirt, Black Oxfords, and TNTBLK-A socks from The Sock Man Socks & Shoes

JWA 001-002


JWA 001-003


JWA 001-004


JWA 001-005  


        JWA 001-006


To Order Autographed 8 1/2 X 11" Photo Prints of James Watson from above, simply send email stating the photo number (under the photo) to the email address below.  Photos are $10.00 + $2.00 Shipping & Handling, $3.00 International Shipping & Handling.

Contact Info, send email to:   GenMailBox01@aol.com, >> Attn:  James Watson.

For modeling related info, send email to GenMailBox01@aol.com >> Attn:  Sock Man Models.

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