Men's Hosiery Preview

Modeled below by The Sock Man, in Navy Item#:  NGWFRNAV-M with Black Stacy Adams Pointed Toe Slip-On Loafers



The Sock Man Modeling Steeple Gate S1997 in Black and Black TNRBLK-A Socks

Below, Modeling Black Thick N Thin (TNT) Socks, Item# TNRBLK-A



Below, J. M. Modeling Clevis XL0607 Shoes and TNRBLK-A Socks

1732A_JM_CharSuit_XL0607_TNRBLK-O_Steps_chill.jpg (731149 bytes)

1735A_JM_CharSuit_TNRBLK-O_Steps_chill_clup.jpg (600217 bytes)


06A_XL0606_SHSBBL-O.jpg (259491 bytes)

Above, C. J. Modeling Clevis XL0606 Shoes and SHSBBL-O Socks

41A_NGLVWSSILBLK-M_Z300061.jpg (345900 bytes)

Above & Below, NGLVWSBLK-M, Other Colors Avaialble

44A_NGLVWSSILBLK-M_Z300061.jpg (188186 bytes)



678B_CJ_chillin_NGDIAWSPURBLK-M_xd_side_clup.jpg (725435 bytes)

Above & Below, NGLVWSPURBLK-M, Other Colors Avaialble

675B_CJ_chillin_NGDIAWSPURBLK-M_xd.jpg (276218 bytes)


Above, NGLHSTGRA-M, Other Colors Avaialble

1005A_NGLDIAWSPURBLK-M.jpg (270448 bytes)

Above, NGLDIAWSPURBLK-M, Other Colors Avaialble

Below, James Watson, Tan Stacy Adams Croc Print Monk and Ccognac GBFRCO-M Socks with "JEW" Logo



Get Your Name, Photo, Phrase, or Practically Anything on Your Socks!  Only $2.00 / Logo.

Below, Other Logo Sock Designs Available


Above:  New Model, Pete Diaz, Modeling TNTBLK-O, Black Size 8, Below: TNRBLK-A, Cap Heel & Reinforced Foot.  The Previous Style with Cap Toe & Cap Heel is not being Offered by Manufacturer at this Time in Ankle or OTC Length.



 Above, Pete Diaz Modeling Black Stacy Wingtip Oxfords & TNTBLK-A Socks



Steve J. Shown Here Along Side Label for Stevie J. Collection Logo for His Sock Line Especially for Larger Feet 


Model, James E. Watson, Jr., above & below, wearing Sexy TNAPSIBK-M Socks, (Black w/Silver, and Zengara Black Z30028 Shoes

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