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Fall 2016 Styles

For the Used & Reconditioned Shoe Fans!!!

Upcycled Men's Shoes

C. J.'s Shoes


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New Socks at The Sock Man Socks & Shoes -- NOW

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Above, Item# TNRSMBLK-M (Tyrone Evans Collection), Modeled Above by Tyrone Evans




Above, Item# TNTBLK-O, Modeled Above by C. J.


Below, Item# SHNCTBLK-O, Modeled Above by C. J.




Above, Item# TNRBLK-O, Modeled Above by C. J.


Below, Item# SHHBBLK-AK, Modeled Above by C. J.





Above, Item# SHNXHSCTBLK-AK, Modeled Above by C. J.


Below, Item# SHNUXDLBLK-AK, Modeled Above by C. J.






Above, Item# GLOSHHBBLK-O, Modeled Above by C. J.


Below, Item# NGLFWRBLK-M, Modeled Above by C. J.





Above, Item# SHNUTNTXHCTBLK-A, Modeled Above by C. J.



New Clevis Styles

 Updated 06/18/15

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Item#  XL168 Modeled Above by C. J. "The Sock Man", Size 12.5/13 (46) with Black OTC Thick N Thin Socks -- Item#  TNTBLK-O



Item#  XL607 (Previous Item# XL0607, XL0169) Modeled Above by D. J., Size 9 with Black Thick N Thin Socks -- Item#  TNTBLK-A


Shoe Prices From:  $89.99

Boot Prices From:  $109.99



Pointed Toe Shoe Conversions

NOW IN PROGRESS -- Get Yours Now!!!

Shoes above are a pair of Steeple Gate Shoes Style#  S1997 (no longer available).  I converted them from a pointed square toe design to an Extreme Pointed Toe Design.  Ready to get your pair?


Get Your Men's Redesigned Pointed Toe Shoes NOW!!!


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SMSS Mobile!!!



On the go and just want a quick view of The Sock Man Socks & Shoes?  Check out the new Mobil Connection.  Great for a quick view from any cell phone with web access.





These fine leather western boots may be purchased through The Sock Man Socks & Shoes.  I found a boot shop that I am working with and can get all types of styles and colors of western boots.  They also have a large selection of belts to match boots and with matching belt buckles.  These are top quality boots.

Check Out Some of The Western Boots Available.



Click Photo Below to See More Western Boot Styles.



SMSS Reconditioned Shoes

In these days of recession, high prices, and more rising prices, what's wrong with getting a great bargain? Yes you can get great reconditioned shoes at a great price and and excellent value. You know in this day and time many of us are learning to live on less. It seems that "Living on Less" is the new "Living Large."

Many of us who grew up in the 1960's and 70's know what it is like to have to live on less. We had less and although we did, we seemed to be happier. I can remember that fast food, if we did get it was a once a week (Saturday Night Special). Now we eat it all the time and too much of the time. Well look at the simpler side of life. Although we can spend, spend, spend ourselves into debt, we don't have too. In case you did not know Thrift Store Sales are at an all time high now, as many are turning to lower prices on quality goods and saving lots of money. For the younger folks, living on less may seem like we are just dirt poor. Well, maybe so, maybe not, but living on less sometimes makes our lives less complicated and thus more stress free.

Well enough for my economic sermon, but take advantages of some great deals on these Fine Reconditioned Men Shoes. Not only are you getting lower prices some as low as $10.00, but you can often find that style of shoe you may have wanted a while back, but were unable to afford or never bought at the time. Also remember, Buy One Pair, and Get Second Pair of Equal or
Lesser Value for FREE!!! Be sure to remember too that The Sock Man Socks & Shoes will take your used dress shoes as trade-ins too. Now where else can you get a deal like that.

Take a look at some of the items below in Reconditioned Shoes Photo Gallery and Visit the Reconditioned Shoes Page as well, and I am sure you will find that special bargain for you.

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SMSS Reconditioned Shoe -- Item#: STADSQTLIZPRTMKHARV-11M

Worn and Modeled on Sunday, November 21, 2010 by The Sock Man with Black TNRZBL-O Socks.  A Great Value at only $20.00.  Shoes are Size 11M. 

Remember Buy 1 Pair and Get 1 Pair FREE!!!




 Organize Your Large Shoe Collection or Other Collections in Your Own Customized Personal Database.

For years I have wanted to be able to keep track of all of my personal shoes.  I have approximately 200 pairs of shoes myself.  Well now I finally did something about it.  I created a database using Microsoft Access.  So now I am able to view on one page, the assigned shoe inventory number, color, brand, date purchased and more!  This makes it easy when trying to remember if I still have a particular pair of shoes or not.

Now you can have such a database built for you as well.  This type of database can be used for shoes, socks, clothing, jewelry, or any other item you have a lot of and of which you would like to be better able to keep track.

For Information Click Below:

Prices Start at $100

I can setup your database with customized to whatever information you would like to have it to contain. 

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Spring is Coming Soon!  The 2015 Front Porch Season is Here!  Come on and Join The Sock Man Socks & Shoes Front Porch Connection!



Click Logo Above to Visit New GB Styles NOW!!!

Available now and Fall 2015.

Item# 210901 -- Black


New Styles Coming Soon!!!

New Line Coming to SMSS Soon!!!

Men's Sheer Underwear!!!




Pricing and More Information Coming Soon!

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Crystal & Rhinestone Studded Socks






3566A_XL0607_TNRBLK-O-SILV-STUD-2.jpg (601647 bytes)

Some of the Available Colors:


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Movies & Video SALE!!!


All $25 Movies >>> $15.00

All $15 Movies >>> $10.00

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Buy One, Get One FREE!!!  

Check out Sales on Left Pane of This Page.


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Mystery Sheer Sock Wearer!!!

Who is This?  Where was it taken?

Someone sent me this photo a while back and I would like to know who this is.   




Sock Clearance Sale!

Many Pairs As Low As $.75 / Pair!!!

Looking for Quality Men's Dress Socks, Sheer Socks, Thick N Thin, Over The Calf (OTC), and Having a Hard Time Finding Them?

If your answer to this question is "YES", then you've come to the right place!!!



The Sock Man Socks & Shoes

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