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 Needham aka"Carolina"

New Model Page Under Construction 05/29/06

First Photo "In the Rough"

Now See What Potential He has As You Will See Below in the Studio

Carolina, Here Modeling Black  Sexy Sheer Cotton / Polyester Wifebeater. Black Dress Slacks, Black Stacy Adams Pointed Toe Loafers, and Black TNTBLK-O Socks


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Ht. Wt. Hair




Age Waist Inseam Shoulders

Coat Size





6' 4" 200 lbs. Mixed Black & Gray Brown 38 34 32 42L 13E Unknown Carolina

Hobbies & Interests:  Working Hard & Chillin with the Fellas

Needham, know as "Carolina" is a brother from Goldsboro, NC and recently relocated to the Norfolk, VA area.  He is a hard working brother who believes in being upfront and honest and wants to make a name for himself.  He does all types of construction by trade uses heavy equipment as well.  With his slim muscular frame, he is quite agile and limber, and can really move to some music.  He has previous training in martial arts and can kick 6 feet high, WOW! 

Although Needham, has lots of skills, he is a little down on his luck now and is again looking for work as his employer had to shut down due to illness.  We met as I was taking some of the very photos used as the background for this page.  This was down by the Elizabeth River at Waterside in Downtown Norfolk.  I guess I will always remember his first words to me were, "You ain't trying to jump are you?"  No I was just there doing some nighttime photos.  I have high hopes for Carolina and hope that down the road this might be a classic "Rags to Riches" story.  In sitting down and talking with him in detail, before the photo shoot, I can see that he is a very versatile person and will most likely be modeling in many types of wardrobe and situations.  He is interested in being on video and so I let the video camera roll during the shoot.  While getting into costume, Carolina said referring the black wifebeater shirt, "I like this 'cause it's 'sheer'".  Now tell me this guy is not in the right place.

The photos shown are very much impromptu and the wardrobe was not planned either so although it was a rush job, you can see some of the talent and potential he has as a model.

More Photos to Follow Soon!

Carolina's First Model Photos

Saturday, May 27, 2006

More Carolina Photos to Come Soon! More Carolina Photos to Come Soon! More Carolina Photos to Come Soon!



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