Men of Tomorrow Trip to Richmond 


  Bus Ride to Richmond 



  MOT's Arrive at General Assembly Building 



  James Seated at the Desk of Senator Hon. Yvonne Miller, A Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. -- Beta Theta Zeta Chapter 



  MOT's Listen on Informational Sessions 


  Former NFL Football Player Gives Words of Wisdom 



  Zeta Archonettes & MOT's Listen On 



  C. J. White, Jr. Tries On HUGE Superbowl Ring 



  MOT's & Archonettes 



  James E. Watson, Jr. (right) Listens Attentively 



  MOT's, Archonettes, & Zetas 



  Headed for the Bus 



  James and Fellow MOT Pose for Photo Before Boarding Bus 



  James Poses by Fence 



  Boarding the Bus for Home 



  MOT's Eating Lunch (above & below) 



 James & Fellow MOT Chat at Lunch 



  Zetas Chatting After Lunch (above & Below) 




  Archonettes & MOT's Conversate 



  MOT Chills Outside Restaurant 



  James Poses Along with Fellow MOT's and Archonettes 



  James Relaxes During Bus Ride Home 



  C. J. & James Arriving Back at Norfolk State University 



  Exhausted, James Catches a Nap in the Car on the Way Home 






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